New Year’s Eve Party in Pondicherry

Today is December 8th. I have come across only few poster releases. New Year’s Eve in Pondicherry is complete madness, hustle bustle and fireworks, i suppose its everywhere else too. Here are the few places to check out for Party on New Year’s Eve. Updates will follow as they announce their events.

  • Nalla Eco Beach Resort
  • Ashok Beach Resort 
  • The Storytellers Bar
  • Oceans Spray 
  • Anandha Inn
  • RKN Resort
  • Hoopers Bar 
  • Crosskeys
  • Ice Cubes
  • Greasy Tin

You can also check out Pondicherry Tourism Website for their Special New Year’s Event Organized for Public, in & around the Beach Road.

Best Place to Eat Crepe in Pondicherry

Best crepe in Pondicherry is at my house, made by my husband Romain. Its True, i am not flattering him (wink)

Since i can’t invite all of you home, i can suggest you a place where you can get the most delicious crepe with an ambiance that justifies Pondicherry.  Do not miss going to CREPE IN TOUCH !! It is located on Needarajapayar Street between MG Road and Mission Street.

Unfortunately i dont have a photo of the crepe(s) that i have eaten because it went down way too fast but you can find any mouthwatering images of Crepe on their google map page. I stole one picture of Tripadvisor, in case you are one of the lazy readers who don’t like exploring several sites.

Is crepe a pancake ?

French may explain it to you by saying ” It’s a french pancake” but they will never accept its a pancake.  Looking at the recipe that goes in, it looks like a pancake while if we look at the process and how the result is, i would say its like a Dosa (ingredients are not the same though).

Crepe can be made with variety of fillings and can be sweet or salty. My favorite is Crepe with egg (as in the image) and the simple butter, sugar crepe.

These are the example of but not limited to types of crepe :

  • Plain
  • Banana Chocolate
  • Egg & Ham/ Cheese
  • Butter and sugar (with lemon)
  • Crepe Suzette ( popular one)
  • Tomato / Cheese

After this you can use your imagination.. Fill it up with Cherries, berries, cream, spinach etc…  The Indian in me come out often, filling my crepe with some grated cabbage/carrot and Chili Sauce, turning beloved French Crepe into a Roll 🙂


About your Host

Your Host Kash D, is a Salsa, Zumba Fitness Instructor and Lifestyle Weight Management Coach. She is running a Cultural Center of Latin American Arts in Pondicherry – La Casita, which comes with a simple Roof Top Cafe offering you direct View on Kamatchi Aman Temple. Apart from Dancing, Teaching and spending her extra time learning about Creative Arts & Handicrafts, she also enjoys Travelling & Digital World. Follow her on INSTA & see what she is upto now.

Where to eat in Pondy?

One of the most frequently asked question i come across is WHERE TO EAT IN PONDICHERRY?

Let me remind you again, Its me (Kash) suggesting. I have my own preferences and taste. Yet if you are here on this page, seeking for my suggestions, then grab the list below. It would be easier to know what you like and within what kind of budget. Anyways, here is the mix-masala list.

  • I will start with La Casita 🙂 
  • New Banana Cafe
  • Kamatchi Hotel
  • Ende Nadu
  • Tadka Dhaba
  • Cafe Xtasi
  • Crepe in Touch
  • Villa Shanti
  • Le Tandoor
  • LB2
  • Suruguru
  • A2B
  • Energy Home
  • Crepe in touch
  • Eat my cake
  • Kasha ki Aasha
  • PY Cafe
  • Villa Shanti
  • Hotel Ajantha (not roof top / ask for terrace sitting)
  • Seagulls (Beach Front)
  • Coromandel Cafe
  • De Bussy
  • Lighthouse
  • Storytellers Bar
  • CrossKeys
  • Ice Cubes

About Pondicherry

I wish i could say a lot about Pondicherry in my own words but Pondicherry, like many other city or town, is best experienced than spoken about.

Of course i understand, you would like to cross-verify & reassure yourself about exotic notion you may have built. I have come across several blogs & websites, each claiming Pondicherry to be different from the other. As i said, this town is about experiencing and its fair enough what every individual have explained about our town.

WIKITRAVEL has good listing to get you going. You can find information on how to get to Pondy, places to eat, things to do and you can also find listing of accommodations, if you still haven’t booked yet. PONDYLIVE is a good updated website to refer for latest activities, new & updates.

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