About Pondicherry

I wish i could say a lot about Pondicherry in my own words but Pondicherry, like many other city or town, is best experienced than spoken about.

Of course i understand, you would like to cross-verify & reassure yourself about exotic notion you may have built. I have come across several blogs & websites, each claiming Pondicherry to be different from the other. As i said, this town is about experiencing and its fair enough what every individual have explained about our town.

WIKITRAVEL has good listing to get you going. You can find information on how to get to Pondy, places to eat, things to do and you can also find listing of accommodations, if you still haven’t booked yet. PONDYLIVE is a good updated website to refer for latest activities, new & updates.

Moonrise PondicherrySunset Pndicherry

To me, Pondicherry is Goubert Market & Sunday Market. Pondicherry is also knowing where one can find best Egg & Prawn Bhajji on the street. It is visiting Shri Aurobindo Ashram, getting blessed by Laxmi at Mannakulla Vinayagar Temple, visiting Ashram Paper Factory (this is my personal favorite). Pondicherry is sitting by the beach and watching sunrise/sunset & moonrise.

Anyways, this is my own list (to add above all the list you may get online)

Keep checking back for seasonal updates on where and what. Feel free to get in touch to ask details (if you have booked accommodation with us).

Until then KEEP READING or QUIT READING and come Discover it yourself !!

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